Home Sweet Home Shadow Box

Hi, everyone! I’m excited to be sharing my first post as part of the CutCardStock Design team. For this post I was looking to make something for a good friend who just bought her first house. I came up with this idea for a shadow box floral wreath with a ‘home sweet home’ note in the center. 
This project was a little out of my comfort zone as I am very much a digital designer. So I started with what I know and went from there. I began this project on my iPad Pro using the Procreate App. I knew I was going to be sending files to my Cricut so I was really diligent about making every piece its own layer for easy exporting. I also exaggerated the colors so I could keep everything straight while I was designing.

Once I finalized my design, I started isolating layers of the same color and saving them as .png files with transparent backgrounds. I uploaded all of the files into the Cricut design space and started cutting out my pieces. 
For the flowers I did four layers of same color, stacked them and added a white center. 

I assembled each of the flowers and cut out the vines and leaves for the wreath. I then cut out a base for the wreath out of Basis 110lb Card Stock in White measured to the size of the shadow box frame I had. 
Once I had the base cut out, I started assembling the wreath. It helped having the digital file as a reference so I could use the order of the layers as a guide. I did have to make some adjustments from the original design to make everything fit properly. 
Once I had the wreath finished I started on the background where the ‘home sweet home’ text would go. The shadow box I had came with a burlap textured background that clashed with the color I had in mind for the text. So I chose to use another sheet of Basis White Card Stock and secured it to the shadow box with some push pins. 
I printed the text on Curious Metallic Gold Leaf and attached it to the card stock using Double Sided Foam Adhesive Strips. This added another layer of depth to really get the most out of the shadow box format. 
The last thing I did was make some spacers out of scrap card stock to place between the text layer and the wreath layer. I simply cut some scraps to the same height, folded them into triangles, and then placed them in between the two layers and secured with glue. 
 Here’s the final product: 
Here are the colors I choose for each of the flowers: 
Small pink flowers: Basis Soft Pink Card Stock 
Be sure to check out all of the Curious Metallic Card Stock on sale at CutCardStock.com  It’s one of my favorite products from CutCardStock – it’s shimmery and adds texture without being over the top.
I’m excited to share more of my projects with you as part of the design team this year!
Drew – DB Designs

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