A Glittering Tussy Mussy Basket

Have you tried any of the CutCardStock Glitter papers??? My tussy mussy basket today is from the cardstock, which was a perfect weight for this project.

What do you think when you see this sparkling basket?  Easter?  May Day?  Flower girl basket?  Here, lying on its side, it’s a perfect centerpiece to fill overflowing (cornucopia style) with flowers, candies, or both.

Here’s what happened:

I cut a five inch slice off an 8 1/2 by 11 inch piece of silver glitter cardstock.

On the opposite side, I glued a layer of hymnal music.  Please note this is completely optional, the white insides would work fine, as well.  And yes, pun intended.

I curved one short end around to the other, to form a cone, leaving two other corners sticking up on either side of the cone.  I tried to get everything as even as possible, and no big hole at the tip, either.  Added two staples at the top edge of the cone–these will be covered later by . . .

. . . pieces of this hymnal music, which I tore against the edge of a ruler, in approximately the same size widths.  These strips, along with plenty of glue stick, were used to ruffle around the top edge of the tussy.  If you’ve never tried this before, let me tell you, it’s easier to do if you 1.  Use plenty of glue stick around the edge of whatever applying the ruffle to (in this case, the tussy), and 2.  ALSO apply glue to the same side of the strip you’re sticking to the tussy.  That way, the paper sticks to itself, as well as the cone, making the paper easier to ruffle.

Ruffled up!  You can see I also used a hole punch at the top of each corner, and then, really more for fun than strength, added mica circles to the outside and inside of each hole.

A length of lace and tulle threaded through the handle, with a few pearls just for the pretty of it, and there it is, a glittering tussy mussy basket, ready for anything.

To the bottom tip of the tussy, I attached some lace and buttons, threaded on wire and stuck up through the tiny little hole.  I like added the detail, and it goes nicely with the lace and tulle and pearls used for the tussy handle, not to mention the glitter of the silver cardstock.

There are many more sparkly colors from which to choose–can you imagine one of the glitter papers used in wedding invitations, and then repeated in cardstock tussy decorations like this?  I can.  You’ll have to trust me, it’s a pretty sight . . .


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