Decorating a DIY Lace Egg

Have you ever seen those lovely lace eggs that people make by carving eggshells? They are truly fascinating to look at, but I bet they take forever to make! Today I have a much faster DIY version that you can put together and decorate for any occasion. These are great gifts for Easter, Mother’s Day, or even Christmas (think metallic finish with poinsettias!).

For the egg, we will need:

  • A foam egg form, cut in half
  • Two doilies, or other 100% cotton lace pieces that will cover your egg
  • Plastic wrap
  • Fabric stiffener
  • Craft mat
  • Stick pins
  • Brush

Begin by wrapping your egg halves in plastic wrap. Set those aside, and lay out your doilies on the craft mat. You can use cardboard or a sheet of paper for protecting your work surface, but a non-stick surface is best.

Brush the doilies heavily with fabric stiffener. Make sure it’s saturated well, and wrap each doily around an egg half. Pin them all around to hold snugly against the egg form, then trim any excess, so you have about 1/4” left around the edges. That’s how we will glue them back to back later.

It may take these a while to dry, depending on the kind of doilies or fabric you used. So, we can go ahead and make our decorations for the front.

For this part, you’ll need:

For my egg, I used flowers (big surprise there, ha!) and butterflies. I wanted my butterflies to stand out the most on the egg, so I cut them from Pow! Glitter Paper. The flowers are punched from Pop-Tone Whip Cream with a Hydrangea punch from Martha Stewart. To give them a little dimension, dab the centers with ink.

Then, shape them a bit with a large stylus. I just used a rubber embossing shim to work on, but a piece of Fun Foam will do the trick as well.

Ok! Back to our egg. When it is dry, it will be super stiff. Carefully remove the pins and gently pull (or pry, haha!) the foam egg half out of its new lace shell and reshape the lace shell with your fingers if necessary.

Glue both empty lace halves together with a glue gun to form a whole egg. Next, run another line of hot glue around the seam and add your trim to cover it up.

Kind of cute, huh? Next, we’ll decorate it. I always just do one side, but you are more than welcome to fancy it up all around if you like. I glued down my flowers first with tacky white glue, then set the glittery butterflies on top of them so it would look like they are perched on the egg & petals.

As a finishing touch, dab a pearl of Nuvo Crystal Drops (or other liquid pearl product) to create the flower centers.

Let it dry, and loop a piece of ribbon through the top with a bow. All done!

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