Butterfly Shaker Gift Tag

It’s Alexia here today to share a gift idea with you – I created this butterfly shaker gift tag that is good for any occasions. My son was invited to his classmate’s birthday party yesterday and after I had wrapped up the present I felt like something was missing so this idea came to me to create a butterfly gift tag which I think a little girl (or adult) will like. See below for the instructions to make these cute tags!


Step 1: First die-cut butterfly frames using metal dies (you can do it with electronic cutting machine if you want to). For one shaker tag, cut two red, four medium-weight chipboard and two acetate butterfly frames (for the acetate frames, make sure to only run the dies through the die-cut machine once- do not cut out the center piece). Another way to do it is to die-cut the acetate with only the larger butterfly die.
Tips: Secure the metal dies with masking tape so all the cutout frames are the same size.

Step 2: Take one chipboard frame and glue it to the back of a red frame (do this to the other red frame as well).
Step 3: Glue the acetates to each of the red frames from Step 4 then glue one chipboard frame on to each of the acetate frames.
Step 4: Apply a loop of ribbon on the top-center of the butterfly with double-sided tape (or hot glue if preferred).
Step 5: Fill the center with sequins and apply glue around the frame. Adhere the remaining chipboard frame to it and followed by the last red frame with acetate to seal.
Done! I hope you find this project fun and inspiring. Until next time! Happy Crafting. – Alexia

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