Antique Gold Engraved invitation featuring my hand-calligraphy and paper marbling.

The Midas touch has been the latest (and greatest) trend I’ve seen recently with formal wedding invitations.  From letterpress, to engraving, to edge-painting, to foil stamping, to wax seals to paper marbling, to envelope liners…… Why is gold the IN color?

Perhaps because gold, according to “Meaning of the Color Gold – Bourn Creative”, “The color gold is cousin to the color yellow and the color brown, and is also associated with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic and wisdom.  Gold is a precious metal that is associated with wealth, grandeur, and prosperity, as well as sparkle, glitz and glamour.”

This definition works for me and perhaps the brides I’ve created invitations for over the last several months.  I love working with gold, not only because of the elegance and sophistication it evokes but also because there are so many variations of the color, depending on the printing or application process that is being used.  It never gets dull!!!  Below are a few examples of golds I’ve recently worked with and the processes used for creating the luxurious color.

Letterpress Gold: Pantone 871U

Letterpress gold, rubber based ink, although metallic, prints a bit duller than other printing methods (foil stamping and engraving)  I love the almost velvety finish on the paper.  This invitation featured lined envelope using Cut Card Stock Curious Metallic Gold Leaf liners, hand calligraphed envelope addressing and a custom-made gold wax seal depicting the monogram designed for the invitation.

The above invitation was engraved in antique gold and features beveled gilt edges.  Engraved gold is a much brighter gold than letterpress.  My hand calligraphy was used for the lettering and envelope addressing.

In order to achieve the brightest gold, foil stamping was used to create the cypher design die-cuts used on the cover of this invitation.  We wanted a brilliant, eye-catching focal point to grab your attention when the invitation suite was removed from the envelope.  Other gold features included Stardream Metallic Antique Gold 105 pound paper (and is on SALE!) to crate the invitation folders and letterpress gold on the actual invitation.  We also chose a lovely fleur-de-lis imported paper (with gold accents) for the envelope liners and hand-dyed silk ribbon to wrap the elegant paper package – perfect for the “Queen without an island” as the bride’s mother playfully referred her daughter as.  
Cut Card Stock Curious Metallic Gold Leaf 32lb text (also on SALE!) was used for the linings of this invitation for my client who got married this past weekend!  (Congratulations Jordana and Robert!)
Let’s see if you can guess what printing method(s) were used in the below pieces I’ve created.  Respond with your answers and mailing address.   If you get it right, I just may surprise you with something golden!
(Crane Lettra, Pearl White used for this as well as the below two images)




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