Paper Pumpkin Centerpiece

Hey there! Happy day to you. It’s Kristie Larsen here!  Sooo,  I hear fall is upon us. Is that correct? ? We don’t have fall where I live, but I will tell you it is the ONE thing I miss the most about living overseas in a tropical climate. So please oh please, crunch some leaves and sniff some of the crisp fall air, just for me.  
I wanted to get my house dolled up for fall since I am missing it so much and I thought I would share with you my sweet little project. We don’t really have pumpkins in abundance here in Singapore so it was time to make my own!
I started using some colors from the Flavours Gourmet pack to make my little paper pumpkins. (Chili Arbol, Caramelized Mustard, Moroccan Cocoa, Thai Basil, Tangelo)
I cut my strips at different lengths but at 3/4 inches wide.

I stamped a subtle image on each strip using different colours of ink. I lined up the strips and hole punched the lot of them with my Cropadile. I tell you what.. I LOVE that thing. So easy and helpful to use!

Once they were punched I inserted a brad into each end with the tongs facing out. Then curved around the strips to make a little ball.

I die cut some leaves and added some accent stamping. Then punched holes in them and added it onto the brand tongs. The brads used this way make it easy to add things and flatten it right down.

I also added some raffia under the tongs and curled it around a paint brush to give it some life.

For the stamp I cut some card stock at an angle (just on one side) and curled it up. Gluing it down with some Glue Dots glue lines found in the store. I then used some hot glue to adhere it to my pumpkin. The glue helps keep everything in place.

For a final touch I splattered some gold spray mist to my pumpkins.

The only thing left to do was to enjoy them! I set up my table and these are now adorning the center. A quick project for anyone with a desire for fall decor but with limited time. They whip up so fast!

 How do you like to decorate for fall? Or are you like me and live in a “fall free” environment? If you do, then this is a perfect little project to get into the fall spirit! Don’t forget has special deals each month. Be sure to hop on over to the store and see what on for this month! And be sure to keep checking back. This month is almost over which means we will have a new theme of projects to share with you next month and on into the new year. There will be a lot of holiday inspiration to share with you.

Thanks for joining me today! I hope you have a great week!
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