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 Can you believe it’s August?  No srsly… where did the summer go!  I’m already picking out first day of school outfits, loading up on hand sanitizer and crayons and I swear I just picked them up for their last day of school only a week ago!  Being a crafty momma with school aged kiddos, I just gotta make their teachers gifts.  And since we aren’t allowed to hand out hand baked cookies or pies (srsly??) paper crafting is of course my next choice!  Here is a fun tutorial on a great ‘Hello Teacher’ gift.  A cute Origami Flower pen!
You will need:
Translucent Paper
Paper Trimmer
Strong adhesive (wet or dry)
Washi Tape
Button (I used two different sizes, but one will be okay)
Sakura Pen

To make it a little easier on you, here is a photo step by step with some rough directions.  Hopefully you don’t get lost!

1. Cut paper in a square.  For this projects I used  3×3 inches for my squares.  You will need to cut 5-6 squares total.
2. Fold square in half
3. Next, fold half of the triangle to point.  
4. Repeat on other side
5. Fold up one flap to be flush with previous fold.
6. Repeat on other side

 Now here comes the hard part.
7.  You want to unfold the flaps.  Start with one.  Unfold it.  It should look like the picture above.  Just unfold the flap, not all of the folds.  Flatten it out a bit then repeat on the other side.
8.  Fold the little flaps that are hanging over the side down.
9.  Now fold in the little flaps to create a diamond.
10.  Take your adhesive and tape the two inner flaps together.  This will create a nice petal that is in a cylinder shape.
11.  Do this to the rest of your squares.  Once you have them folded, adhere them to each other two at a time.  Take your pen and start to adhere the petals around the base.  With the petals already taped/glued two at a time, this makes this part a wee bit easier.
12.  Take your washi tape and start to cover the base of your petals to the pen and then follow it all the way down your pen to the point.  This gives the petals a little more support and adds some cute flair!
13.  Decorate!  Glue a button to the center, cut out some leaves from washi tape, add a cute little tag, pretty much whatever you wish!

I promise, once you start creating these flowers, you will be hooked!  I’ve used them on pencils, pens, straws, and I’ve even taken five 1 dollar bills, folded them into a square and make a bouquet for my daughter.  It’s a fun little folding trick that can come in handy for a variety of occasions! 
Need a nice card to pair up with your origami flower?  Esse Pearlized Cardstock is on sale this month!  Perfect to pair up with the Translucent paper for your origami flower!
And did you know that CutCardStock carries a variety of origami paper?  Already in a nice square, ready for you to fold up and make adorable animals or flowers!

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