Letterpress on 100% Cotton Cardstock

Today I wanted to give you a look into Letterpress on our Savoy 100% cotton cardstock.  This cardstock handles like a dream with impressions. So if you love Letterpress or have always wanted to try it, this cotton cardstock is perfect!

I set out using just my Big Shot, some pigment ink and both regular embossing folders & the Sizzix InkIts Letterpress plates.

First, I wanted to see what type of impression I would get without any ink, just using my embossing folder.  I have to say, I love the depth of the impression along with the crispness of it.

Then, I added some pigment ink on the “positive” side of the embossing folder.  I was careful not to get ink on to the background area of the image, just the raised parts.

I sandwiched it up with my A2 sized blank cardstock and sent it through the Big Shot.

Next, I used one of the Sizzix InkIts plates, again with pigment ink.  I was really happy with the results.  The impression wasn’t too deep, which I liked a lot.  If I wanted it deeper, I could always add a shim to my “sandwich”.

Then, using yet another Sizzix InkIts plate, I ran it through and needed very specific placement of the plate and the cardstock.  I used bits of washi tape to hold everything in place so nothing would slip out of the alignment I wanted.

I scored this and thought this would make a great table number marker for a wedding or other event.  What do you think?

The most current CutCardStock.com newsletter has a special coupon for 10% off Letterpress cardstock, so now is a great time to try your hand at it!

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