A Basket Full of Easter by Jamie Cripps

Good Morning!  Jamie back with you today sharing another basket using the gorgeous Curious Metallic Cardstock!  The weight of this cardstock is perfect for many things, including making 3D projects!  I love the sturdiness that this cardstock gives my 3D projects, it really makes them feel professional!


For my basket, I am using  Samantha Walker’s Woven Easter Basket Silhouette cut with the coverstock cut setting for my Silhouette Cameo and the Curious Metallic Lime and Curious Metallic Violette.

1.  Cut the basket in the colors you want.
2.  Place adhesive tape on one end of the basket strip cut.
3.  Remove the adhesive tape backing then form a circle, adhering the two ends together.
4.  Next take the basket weave cut and fold the strips of paper up from the circle base as shown.

5.  Place the circle form on top of the basket weave cut with the strips of paper on the outside then begin weaving a couple of the strips through the circle form.
6-7. Continue around the basket.
8.  After you have them all weaved through half of the basket or so, begin pushing down the circle form to the base of the basket weave cut.

  9. Continue weaving and pushing down the rows until you are complete.
10. Straighten out your weaving lines.  Your basket should look similar to this image.
11. Fold the scallop cut on the score line then while folder, run across the edge of your work table to form a curve.
12. Your scallop piece should look like this.

13. Open the scallop piece back up and place adhesive down the center.
14. Begin placing the scallop piece on the top edge of the basket, adhering the basket between the scallop folds.
15. Your basket should look like this now.
16.  Take the rectangle cut and run it across the edge of your work table (as we did with the scallop piece to help form a curve).  This will be the basket handle.

17.  My basket is going to younger kids so I wanted to really secure the handles.  I added adhesive to the basket ends and then used a tool to push a fastener through.  (You could use a staple or brad as well)
18.  This is what the basket looks like with the handle in place.  You can make it shorter or longer if you’d like.
19.  Cut two pieces of the White Organza Ribbon  and tie one on each side of the handle toward the basket edge.
20.  I am placing a Life-Saver roll in each basket, but the color of the wrapper did not coordinate so I cut a piece of the Curious Metallic Violette cardstock to the width of the roll and then placed an adhesive tape on one end.

21.  Roll it around the candy to form then place a second piece of adhesive on the other side as shown.
22.  Remove the adhesive backing and roll around the candy.
23.  Place stickers or rub-ons on the front of the candy to decorate.
24.  With the Curious Metallic Botanic Cardstock, cut blades of grass with fringing scissors.

25. Cut the fringed cuts so that they are individual blades.
26. Place the blades of grass in the bottom of the basket and add in all the goodies you want!

The weight of this cardstock makes this basket very sturdy so you can really load it up and it doesn’t even budge!

 CutCardStock products used in this project:

  Shimmer Green Metallic Card StockCurious Metallic VIOLETTE  111 lb Cardstock 8.5 x 11 -25 pk - Buy CardstockCurious Metallic LIME 111 lb Cardstock 8.5 x 11 -25 pk - Buy CardstockOrganza ribbon
Thanks so much for stopping by today!  

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