Love Always Gatefold Wedding Invitation & Download Freebie

I adore how fancy just a simple Gatefold card can make any invite look. We offer a great selection of colors and even have them in a beautiful selection of  metallics. Because I adore red themed weddings, today I am featuring the Basis Red Gatefold twords the bottom of this post. Now make sure to keep reading as I have a Freebie for everyone I am excited to share with you.

We have tried to make the art of creating bulk invitations a simple process.

Step 1:  Pick out the style of card you like.

  • Folded Invitation
  • Petal Card Invitation
  • Pocket Fold Invitation
  • Flat Card Invitation
  • Gatefold Invitation

Step 2:  Pick out the color and size of the layered flat card for the inside of your invitation.

Step 3:  Now if you don’t see a flat card or invitation in the size or style you are looking for, keep in mind our specialty services.

Step 4:  Pick out a coordinating envelope for your invitations.

Step 5:  Don’t forget your Response Cards.

Step 6:  Need any accessory items?

What’s great is if for any reason you get stuck along the way we have the friendliest staff who is willing & waiting to help you out…. either by calling us or using our Live Chat

Featured Card:
Card Style: Gatefold 
Color: Basis Red
Sz: A7

Insert Card:
In the download I have offered 2 zip files.
One is for the 5×7 prints
 The other file is slightly smaller so that it can fit in a Gatefold.
(don’t forget you can have us custom cut it)


For Photoshop or Element Users it is SUPER easy to edit the included files for other sizes.
Let’s say you want to use one of our Square Petal Cards or want to have Square cards custom cut through our site, you can still use the PNG file included.
This is how:
First unzip and open up the downloaded files into Photoshop or Elements.
1.) Look for the FILE menu which is located in the top tab menu.
2.) Click on NEW
3.) Click on BLANK FILE
When a box pops up follow these steps:
1.) There will be a scroll down bar next to where you would insert number or dimensions…
scroll down till you see INCHES 
2.) Set your desired dimensions (since we are playing with a square scenario choose even numbers like:)
(Most likely you will have to type these in)
3.) Choose RGB as your mode
4.) Background content TRANSPARENT
5.) Resolution should be over 300
6.) Then click ok

Now you will be back to the main desktop in Photoshop or Elements but you should see the empty file you just created.
Now all you have to do is simply drag the PNG Clipart or the PNG Invite into the empty file you created. Add your text and print.

Hope this was helpful & Happy Creating!

(p.s. Different versions may differ slightly from the instruction above but for the most part it should still be quite similar and easy to create)

 As promised here is a Freebie that can help you re-create this look. Our “Love Always” download is perfect for Weddings & Anniversaries. I have made sure to include PDF files as well as PNG files so it can be opened in just about any program. I also have included the clipart for you to use at will. 
*TOU: These images cannot be redistributed digitally.
You can find the download link HERE 

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