Fun Banners with Flat Bordered Cards

Banners are all the rage – and making banners using the flat bordered cards from Pop Tones and Curious Metallic are easy and fun!

Materials Needed:
Bordered A2 size cards
Ribbon (at least one yard)
Cardstock (I used PopTones Red Hot)
Die – cutting system or stencil
Hole Punch
Eyelets and Eyelet Setter

Step 1:  Determine how many cards you’ll need based on the number of letters in your banner.  Using a ruler, make a small mark about 1/2″ from the top and about 1/2″ from the left and right sides of one card flat. 

Step 2:  Using a hole punch (my favorite is the crop-a-dile), punch holes where you marked.  Using the first card as a guide, punch remaining holes. (This ensures that the cards will hang evenly because all the holes will be placed in the same exact spot).  If desired, set eyelets in the holes.  I prefer eyelets because it protects your cards when threading the ribbon through the holes.  It also keeps your project looking nice because the ribbon will not wear through the cardstock over time.

Step 3:  Thread the ribbon of your choice through your holes (or eyelets) from the FRONT side of the card.  You may wish to tie a knot between cards to keep the spacing even.  In my “PARTY” sample, I did not tie knots because the Twill 5/8″ ribbon I used was very thick and it did not require knots. 

 Step 4:  Using your favorite die-cutting machine or stencil, cut out the desired letters.  For my “PARTY” sample I used my Cricut and the Mickey Font cartridge.  For the “MERRY” sample, I used the Cricut cartridge Storybook with Gumdrop Green Pop Tones Cardstock.    For the “MERRY” sample, I put adhesive on the front of each letter and sprinkled glitter over each letter.  This made the letters even more lovely, especially paired with the Pop Tones glittered A2 card flats.  (I used the sweet tooth with RED border).

Step 5:  Adhere letters to the card flats in order. 

Step 6:  Tie coordinating ribbons along your banner, and embellish as desired.

Happy Stamping!


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