Here’s a fun way to create your own flower embellishments.  Add these flowers to your cards, tags and scrapbook pages for an extra special touch – made by you!

Cardstock Flower by Amber Lawrence

  • Cardstock, large enough to punch 8 scalloped circles from (I used Basis Light Yellow)
  • Scalloped circle punch
  • Paper piercer
  • Brad
  • Optional:  Ink and sponge

  • Punch 8 scalloped circles from cardstock
  • Crumple each circle into a tight ball.  A light mist of water on the cardstock can help to crumple easier.
  • Open the crumpled circles and ink the edges with your choice of ink.  An ink sponge or a make-up sponge works great!
  • Stack all of the scalloped circle on top of each other and pierce a hole through the center using your paper piercer.  Hold tightly together and secure them all in place with a brad.
  • Starting in the center, gather each circle together at the top, scrunching each one.
  • Arrange the circles how you like them to create a beautiful flower.

I added mine to the front of a great card made using Pop Tone Glitter bordered A-2 Folded card!

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