Valentine’s Day Themed Cards

Ryan McGurl of SCARLETT DESIGN created these lovely Valentine’s Day Theme Cards using Products from . Ryan grew up in New England and attended both the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Boston University, for graphic design and art history. You can see her work by visiting her shop .

For the Doily Heart Valentine Card, Ryan used our 5×7 Red PETAL Card. Be sure to check out the variety of Petal cards available in many colors in sizes 5×7 & in 6.25″ square.
Ryan wrote up some instructions, if you would like to duplicate the cards that she made.

Doily Petal Fold Valentine’s Card

1 red A7 (5 x 7”) Perfect Petals Card

1- 8.5 x 11 sheet each Stardream Metallic 81# text MARS, Malmero Perle’ Sparkle 81# text Vermillion and Blanc (white)

Adhesive, I recommend a glue stick

Scissors, with a fine point for cutting small pieces or an exacto knife

Optional: Decorative Paper Punches


1: Print out the template on each of the three papers

2: Cut out the shapes as noted on the template, cutting out the dark areas.

Alternatively, you can use decorative paper punches to create your own design, just be sure the two white designs match up. You will also need to cut a 4 7/8 x 6 7/8 rectangle from the white paper.

3: Center the rectangle on the Petal Card, and adhere. Center the Red heart on the rectangle and adhere. And write the message of your choice inside it. Place the two maroon hearts on each side of the red heart.

4: Using the red heart as a guide, adhere the white hearts to the outside of the petals (one heart will cover

two petals) and trim away any excess.

Bleeding Hearts Valentine’s Card


1 white 5 x 7 folded card

1- 8.5 x 11 sheet each Magenta, Brown Bag Kraft Paper, and Stardream Metallic Jupiter

Adhesive, I recommend a glue stick


Red Marker


1: Print out the template on each of the Magenta and Jupiter papers. Or you could use a light box or brightly lit window to trace the shapes onto the papers.

2: Cut out the shapes as noted on the template (click on template below). You will also need to cut a 5 x 7” rectangle, with a 4 x 6 “ opening in the center of it,

from the Jupiter paper, to create a frame. Additionally, cut out two thin curved strips from the Kraft paper.

3: Line the frame up along the edges on the front of the card, and adhere. Adhere one of the Kraft paper strips diagonally across the front of the card.

4:Adhere 3 of the magenta flowers evenly spaced along the Kraft paper strip. On top of the flowers, adhere 2 petals, so that they meet at the top, but are open at the bottom.

5: Use the second kraft paper strip and remaining flower cutouts todecorate the inside of the card.

6: Using the red marker write ”Happy Valentine’s Day” or a message of your choice on the inside of the card.A Special Thank you to Ryan from SCARLET DESIGNS for designing these cards and including instructions for them! Be sure to stop by her blog and see her great photography and unique creations.

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