Pet Bones!

Good morning, Sharon here, fall is just a few days away and it’s my favorite season what is yours?. Along with fall comes Halloween and the opportunity to make so many crafts. Of course they have to be cute crafts for me and what could be more cuter than skeleton cats and dogs!

This is a layering cutting file and I have added an extra layer to make a card from it.

You need some spooky halloween colored card stock to start. As I know it cuts well, I am using Pop-Tone, in Black Licorice, Wild Cherry and Orange Fizz. The white is Neenah Classic Crest Solar White 80lb.

You will need an electronic cutting machine, this file does come as a PNG file but the intricacy of the layers would make it hard to cut with an exacto knife.

First step is to cut all the layers, I started with Black Licorice for the first then Orange Fizz then Wild Cherry for top layer.

You will see 2 of the black layers I will come back to the second one later. I am using foam squares to separate the layers but you can glue flat if you prefer.

Lay each layer on top of the last making sure that you line them up correctly. A tip for doing this is to place some wet glue on the foam pads to give you some ‘wiggle’ time. Now the layers are all in place you will be able see the previous through all the little cut outs.

Our little Halloween pet friends are cut from Black Licorice and Neenah solar White.

These are put together using both foam squares and wet glue. first glue the top 2 layers together. These give you a white shadow outline of the skeletons.

Next you need to use foam squares to add the solid white layer, this will give depth to your images.

Finally you need to add some of the detail that was cut out with the black, faces and leg shadows as well as the little red hearts that were included in the file.

They may be creepy but in a cute way!

At this stage is when I turn the design in to a card. Remember how I cut the 2 black solid sections? I am goin g to use one of these are my card back. Making sure you have it the right way up, score across the top of the remainder black section. Make sure your score line is below the fancy edge.

My score line is visible across the top of the photo. You are then going to add glue to the section above the score line, line it up with your main section. This will give you a tent shaped card.

Finally it’s time to add your pets. Wet glue is my favorite method for this but you can use whatever you prefer for this part. Just remember you don’t want it to be too top heavy as your card may not stand up.

So what are your crafty plans for Halloween, I hope this gives you some inspiration! Let us know in the comments!

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