Festive little Boxes!

Have you ever received a small package and liked the gift box so well you decided to copy it?  This is exactly what I have done.  I also did a tiny alteration and made it slightly larger so I could put a pair of crazy socks in it to give as a gift.

I started by carefully taking the gift box apart to use as a template.  Then using scrap paper I went ahead and traced around the outline of the gift box. 

Once it was cut out I used the original gift box to help me put in the score lines for each fold that was required.  My ‘overly used’ Scor-Pal came in handy for this.  Once I was sure it would fold up and work correctly I grabbed the cardstock I planned to use for the little boxes, Stardream Metallic Mars 105# and Stardream Metallic Jupiter 105# cover cardstock and using my green template as a guide I went ahead and traced and cut the boxes out.

Red-line tape was my choice adhesive because I know it will securely hold well. Once I had both little boxes cut, scored, folded, and assembled I decided to add  some holiday festive embellishments. I used die sets, Gemini Festive Essentials, and Gemini Dancing Snowflakes edgeable. 

I did need to trim the die cut Snowflake edgeable after they were cut so they were the right size to go across the top flap of my little gift box.  I die cut the Snowflake edgeable using CutCard Stock Canvas Texture Bonsai, CutCard Stock Royal Sundance Fiber Card White, and CutCard Stock Canvas Habanero.

Once again I grabbed my Red-line tape to secure the die cut Snowflake edgeable just a bit below the top edge of the top flap.  Then I decided that red glitter ribbon would be a great touch so that was attached above the Snowflake edgeable at the very top. I decided on the Santa’s sleigh and reindeer the die cuts are cut from CutCard Stock Canvas Texture Bonsai . Once cut I attached one under the snowflakes on the front side of the box.  To be sure the boxes would close and open easily I used small pieces of velcro. 

I was surprised at how easy this was to do – well maybe not easy with all the hand cutting. These didn’t take long to create at all and I’m happy with the results. These will work perfectly for the crazy sock holiday gift exchange I’m involved in! I do hope you will save this to your Pinterest for future reference.

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