Elevate Your Gift Wrapping

This time of year seems to be birthday season as we are going to birthday parties almost every weekend! So I’ve been wrapping quite a lot of presents lately and was looking for a fun way to upscale my gift wrapping. I thought to myself…if I can add embellishments to my handmade cards, surely I can do the same on a wrapped gift!

I wish I had thought of this idea years ago because it is speedy to whip up and it really elevates the gift wrapping. To create this, I used the following supplies:

Mirrisparkle Glitter Pink Sapphire Card Stock
Mirrisparkle Glitter Red Card Stock
Patterned Scrapbook Papers (two sheets in complementary colors)
Silhouette Design ID#81178
Tombow Mono Liquid Glue
Scrapbooking Tape Adhesive
Large Embellishment Brad
Hot Glue Gun

Using my Silhouette CAMEO, I resized the pinwheel design #81178 to fit my gift box and cut out one pinwheel diecut from each glitter cardstock. For the patterned papers, I flipped it over (design side down) on my Silhouette cutting mat and cut out the same pinwheel diecut.

By flipping the paper over, we get the perfect back-to-back diecut alignment. The last diecut made was one small sunburst that will be centered under the embellishment brad.

Next, I used my scrapbooking tape adhesive to pair one patterned paper diecut to the back of one glitter diecut so that the diecut is now double-sided.

Place one diecut on top of the other at a 45-degree angle (think: diamond on top of a square) and tuck the large flaps of the top diecut under the bottom diecut.

Insert embellishment brad into the small sunburst diecut, then gently flip over one hole-punched pinwheel tip and insert the brad. Continue around the pinwheel diecuts until you have gathered all of the tips under the brad.

Gently push through the backing holes of each pinwheel diecut and fold over the metal prongs of the brad to secure it. Isn’t the pinwheel beautiful?

Lastly, I cut 0.5″ strips of glitter cardstock, glued them across my wrapped gift, and trimmed them to size. With a good dab of hot glue, I pressed down the pinwheel to secure it to the gift.

I am hooked on this project idea and may be making a lot of pinwheels in the near future! It makes me wonder what other 3D shapes could I use to embellish a wrapped gift? Share your ideas and suggestions by commenting below! I’d love to hear them! 

Christine (@studio_xtine)

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