Envelope Mini Album for your Treasured Photos.

Envelopes can make a great mini album to display your treasured photos. I needed a way to display a few photos from my daughter’s wedding. Lisa M. here today with a mini album made from A7 envelopes with 3 pockets to add extra photos.
I started with 5 Classic Crest Epic Black A7 80# Envelopes. I liked the straight edge on the back flap. This makes it easy to make pockets in the mini album.
Starting from the back of the album.
1.  Place strips of of Score-Tape along the inside of the flap.
2.  Attach the flap to the bottom front of the second envelope.
3.  Place the flap of the third envelope open facing to the right.
4.  Fold the flap under the envelope.
5.  Place Score-Tape along the opening of the third envelope and along the top of the flap of the joined envelopes.
6.  Flip the joined envelopes over and “seal” the third envelope.
7.  Fold the envelope on the right over the center envelope.
8.  Fold the envelope on the left over the other two envelopes.
9.  There should now be a flap on the envelope on the right. Place the fourth envelope with the flap matching.
10. Place Score-Tape on the flaps.
11. Attach the two flaps. Fold the envelope over to the right.
12. Place the fifth envelope with the opening up and the flap facing the rest of the envelopes.
13.  Flip the envelope over and place 1 strip of Score-Tape along the edge of the outside of the flap.
14.  Flip the envelope back over and slide into the opening of the other envelope.
15.  Trim the little tabs even with the edge of the envelope, but do not cut off.
16.  Glue the flaps down to the envelope. This creates a set of double pockets. Fold the envelope over (closing the mini album.)
Around the front of the envelopes wrap and attach a ribbon to be able to close the album.
Attach patterned papers and embellishments to decorate your pages. 
Here you can see the 2 pockets.  I cut 2 pieces of Flavours Gourmet Smoked Sea Salt to 10″ x 7″ to create a folded card to slip into the pockets. I also wrapped the cards with a ribbon.

 This page also has a place for an extra pocket.

And it folds out for two more places to add photos.
I will be adding additional photos as soon as they arrive from the photographer.
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