Surf’s Up! Collectors’ Cone

My family and close friends are in the process of scheduling a summer vacation to the beautiful San Destin Beach in Florida.  Beach trips were yearly vacation destinations in my youth and my husband and I love to re-visit the white sands and clear waters as often as possible with our own children and their friends.  

In anticipation for the warm, breezy walks along the shoreline at daybreak, I created a light-weight, catch-all for the tiny treasures that wash up during high tide.  Every beach trip as far back as I can remember included several mornings (or evenings, depending on tide) of mile-long walks up and down the edge of the waterline left by high tide.  The goal was to find one-of-a-kind shells of all sorts and colors that had tumbled its way to shore.  The most prized find was always bleached-white sand dollars.  It still amazes me how many of the fragile and brittle endoskeletons of sea urchins reach the shore unscathed by the violent crashing waves!  

The cone I created can be used for collecting all sorts of small and lightweight items such as rose petals or lavender sprigs for wedding receptions, collecting wild flowers at an afternoon picnic, candies from a “candy bar” at a party, confetti, party poppers and other festive favors, and of course sea shells!

Because I wanted my cone to look nature inspired, I collected a few “earthy” things in my studio I wanted to incorporate.

I used Cut Card Stock Translucent Vellum as the framework for my cone.  It not only gave a nice, flexible support to the cone, it is also somewhat water-resistant!  I cut the vellum into a square 8.5 X 8.5 sheet and glued a piece of natural-looking, woven fabric to the vellum.  I used spray glue to affix the two layers together.  Next I trimmed the two pieces to 8″ X 8″ with my paper cutter.  I always use Cut Card Stock Kraft Chipboard as a base for everything I cut for cleaner, crisper edges.  It is my behind-the-scene go-to paper for nearly every project I create!
I then applied Micro Glue Dots to one edge of the vellum-side of the sandwiched square, then rolled the square into a cone.  I gently pressed the glue-dots to secure the shape of the cone.  (I practiced rolling the cone a few times before affixing the glue dots).  Next, I drilled two holes and secured with grommets for the ribbon handle.
Finally, I added the fun stuff:  feathers, ribbon and twine to embellish the cone.  

I’d love to see how you embellish yours to make it unique and fitting for your special occasion!
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Thank you for viewing and best of luck finding your own treasures to fill your cone with!

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