Back to School with Esse Cardstock

Hello there! It’s Kristie Larsen here and I’m happy to be back with you for another fun post. This one is for Back to School using some Esse Cardstock products that are on sale now in the store!

Let me first start by giving you a little background on these babies. Well you see, I have boys. ALL boys. And they aren’t young boys, that will like smily faces and cute animals for a lunchbox notecard. No-Sir-REE! These boys (or at least my older ones) would be Soooooo embarrassed. But as a crafty mother I just can’t pass up the opportunity to give them something for back-to-school fever. No matter how embarrassing I may be.
But I’m trying to blend in, so I set out to make some back to school lunchbox notes for the “too cool for school” crowd. Or as you may know them, tweeeeeeeens.

I chose to go more modern and hip with the look of my cards. There is some cute in there… that is really hard for me to get completely away from, but some of these are cool enough that I think they wouldn’t try to hide it from their friends.
I started with the textured Esse card stock in both white and black. I die cut some little scored notecards for my base. (these are 3.5 square)

I used a block die cut from Top Dog Dies called Typewriter Numbers and Symbols and just die cut that baby right out of the middle. I then die cut some printer paper into the shape of the notecard to put on the inside so it can be written on and also so I could glue in some white die cut numbers into the empty spots.
I then stamped some images, coloured them and fussy cut them out. I didn’t know quite how I was going to use them, so I stamped extra just in case. I did actually use them all! Having more then you think you need always helps speed things up.

For this one, I cut a strip of paper and coloured it grey with a Copic marker to make my chalkboard tray and then added the little school elements with glue. I wanted these flat which helps keep them less ‘cutsie’ I think.

This one.. totally random. Just die cut some numbers and glue them on! It looks cool with the random pattern and pop of red. I think my 11 year old would ‘ok’ this one 😉

And the last was the rest of the elements I had coloured. I laid them out in a messy grid. Partially to break it up and partially to use them up! You notice NONE of these have a sentiment. That was done on purpose too. When you want to stay cool, you can’t be overly obvious. That is just like SO embarrassing, right? Right. So I’m trying to keep the obvious stuff on the down-low.

And that’s it. I think lunchbox (or backpack) notecards are fun. When I first started my family I had fantasies about filling their lives with these little handcrafted things to show my love. Well, really, my boys don’t really care. If its not food, they won’t look at it!  This way I can share my love but keep it on the cool side. 
Welcome back to school everyone! Even if you don’t go to school or have people in school, it’s hard to miss it. The feel is in the air.
Thanks for stopping by today. Have a good one!
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