Pop-Tones Paper Pinwheels

Hello there CutCardStock.com fans! It’s Kristie Larsen here today and It’s finally June. Which means our summer projects are here! Today I made up these really cute (and really easy) paper pinwheels. Check them out!

I started with two different sized squares of Pop-Tones card stock. You really can start with any size you want. Just choose a few different sizes and get started! (pictured are 4×4 and 5.5×5.5)

I chose to stamp both sizes of each paper square. One side with black with southwest style stamps and one side with Versamark ink in polka dots. This gives a nice contrast to your pinwheel.

I then took my ruler and drew pencil lines from corner to corner making an X across the paper.

Next, I cut along the lines almost to the middle, leaving some space to adhere the corners to the center.

You can see here on the pink pinwheel, I poked holes into the corner of each flap (same corner) as well as a hole in the middle.

I took some decorative hat pins and used them for the middle to keep my pinwheel together.

And that’s it. Easy as can be!   Pop-Tones cardstock is a great weight for making these. Light enough to bend easily and also twist in the wind.

These have been such a hit in my house with my boys. I caught my 3 year old holding one up to my rotating fan. It was spinning like crazy! They can’t keep their hands off of them.
This is a great project to do this summer with any kids you may have in your life. Especially on a lazy afternoon when those kids think they are ‘bored’…Get some papers and craft away!

Thanks for joining me today! I hope your June has started out great. Thanks for stopping in today! Until next time,

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