Color Inspiration and Vintage Mason Jar Wedding Invitation RSVP and Save The Date Free Download

 So my super sweet friend Sarah is getting married & the theme she is going with is a “Vintage Mason Jar” theme. I am SUPER excited and I couldn’t help but be inspired by her the lovely theme she chose!

So as I got to creating this month I realized that I have never talked about my creating process.

I realize that this process is so different for many people, even with myself , each time I create it is different.

But more than not I start with an image where the colors inspire me.
So I started with the image below and I pulled color swatches. Usually within
the process of finishing it doesn’t even look like the colors in the image but I
use it as a catalyst for my project.

By the time I was done I had muted the colors down quite a bit more  to give it a Vintage appeal.

So I wanted to challenge you to go ahead and grab the Color Inspiration above and use it as a catalyst to jump start your card, your scrapbook page or project. Remember your project does not have to end up being a perfect carbon copy of your inspiration but rather use it as a source to kick start your creative flow!

 Here is my finished project.
 In this invitation close up you can see the initials in the Mason Jar. It can be customized with your own initials. I have also included for you in the download the list of Fonts that were used.
I used our 89lb Curious Metallic Cryogen White A7 Flat Card to print on but you can also use our 89lb Curious Metallic Cryogen White 8.5×11 and print two at a time on each sheet. If you have never used this cardstock before…be prepared to find your new favorite to go cardstock. The print comes out beautiful each and every time & I adore the soft yet subtle shimmer/sparkle this cardstock has!
Don’t forget to purchase matching envelopes. Here are my recommendation to match the softness of the print: Curious Metallic Cryogen White A7 Envelopes or Curious Metallic Nude A7 Envelope.

 I used a corner rounder for the Invite, R.S.V.P & the Save The Date but keep in mind we also do custom cuts. You can order the flat cards and we can round out those corners for you.
You can print the R.S.V.P on our A1 89 lb Curious Metallic Cryogen White flat card or choose to print
Recommended envelopes for the A1 R.S.V.P are: Our A1 Curious Metallic Cryogen White Envelope &  our A1 Curious Metallic Nude Envelope.
 You can also print the Save The Date card our 89lb Curious Metallic Cryogen White A7 Flat Card 
 Mason Jar Wedding Invite and R.S.V.P : Download Link
 Mason Jar Wedding Save The Date: Download Link

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