Snowflake Stardream Card

Hi guys… I decided to do a card this week and I actually think it will only mark the second time. Since we are in the holiday season, I thought that this would be a cute, simple card that you can send out to your friends and family.

What you’ll need:

  • Clear snowflake rubber stamps 
  • Stardream Folded Invitation Card (A7) – Serpentine
  • Stardream 105lb. cover stock – Mars
  • White and green inking stamp
  • Sequins, misc. embellishments
  • Embossing powder and heating tool (optional)
You can do so many pretty combinations with the clear, snowflake rubber stamps. I used the back of my clear triangle to stamp, but a clear, acrylic block is better. Anything firm and clear will do in a pinch though! I like to stamp bright colors on dark stocks. This Mars Stardream Metallic paper is perfect for this white ink, as it really “pops”. Its sparkle is also perfect for a holiday card.
I suggest stamping on top of some scrap paper… This way you can stamp on the edges, with the image bleeding off the Stardream. Just looks a little more interesting and not as cookie cutter. I used a white and green inking pad, which I thought was festive, but then I found some silver embossing powder and decided to use it on the green snowflakes. Heating the snowflakes up with an embossing heating tool (or hair dryer) will give it a nice crust. These are already beautiful with just the ink.
I created a little insert out of the serpentine stardream with a holiday greeting so it could be affixed to the front. I also punched out some florals, which are in the snowflake “family”. Affix with glue dots and add some rhinestones or another embellishment that you already have (that you’ve been wanting to use!).
In the end, its just a festive card with plenty of sparkle that I can’t wait to send out!
Happy crafting, til’ next time, and enjoy the season (it goes by so fast!).

Cut Card Stock materials used in this project:


Christy Toney
Design Team Member – Winter/Spring 2014 Term

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