Scrap Faux-Quilted Holiday Card

Hello there! Welcome back to blog! I know what you are saying…. The holidays! They come like a freight train every year, can we not slow it down!? Well, I am sorry, but no we cannot… I need to share this fun card with you!!
Here is my project for today:
I don’t know about you, but I LOVE quilts. I love sleeping in them, laying in them, rolling up like a burrito in them, but I do NOT like sewing them. And I mean, I KNOW! It’s a real problem. Especially when I love them like I do. But I tried, really I did. My sweet mother and most of my sisters can quilt like crazy but I never did get the bug passed onto me. And here is why… I am not patient enough! So I quickly moved onto paper crafting. Lucky for me, I can quilt without having to plug in my sewing machine (or pull my hair out!) and that is good enough for me!
Here is what I did for this project:

I have a bunch of these Red and Green and White Basis Cardstock scraps that are left over from another project I will share with you next week. (Eek! I can’t wait!) 
Now, I hate throwing away scraps. And these ones are good! Big pieces that can be used for lots of things. 

I pulled a few out and then chose some “quilting” patterns in my stamp stash and stamped up my red, green and white scraps with varying patterns. Some tone on tone and others with contrast of white and a colour.

Then I started scrapping! I first cut up some bits and tried to lay them out together but honestly I think it made it harder. My advise: Cut as you go. Look at the overall image you are trying to create and cut a little piece accordingly.

One good trick is to use some tracing paper. Trace the outline of the space you are trying to fill and then transfer the shape over to one of your scraps. Cut it out and adhere it to your card.

After I covered my entire piece, I ran it through my Cuttlebug with an embossing plate. 
This gives it a nice finished “quilted” look.

Once all that work is done, its just up to you to embellish the way you like it!

I added this cute tag and put on a die cut ribbon with the Pow Glitter Paper in gold. I LOVE that stuff!!

And there you have it! What do you think? Does this look daunting? It may look harder than it is, because honestly I put this baby together while chatting with my husband and if I can do that, then its not too hard to do. I’m the kind of person that can’t create with distractions, but this proved to be easy! Which means everyone can do it! Will you give it a try? I hope so!
Thanks for joining us today. Have you had a chance to head over to the store? The specials this week are all about the holidays coming up! Great discounts for you to enjoy. Go on… I know you want to click….

Until next time, just keep on crafting!


Items used for this project:

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