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Hi all! Its May and we are continuing to motor along through the wedding season. Still inside of invitation season, but invitations are not only confined to the wedding. Showers are huge (bridal showers, lingerie showers, bachelorette parties, etc.) this time of year as well.

This week I thought I’d share a fun tag shaped invite using Basis Cardstock, some tulle and a brass eyelet. Using eyelets always makes your card more interesting because it gives your recipient an opportunity to interact with your piece.

Step 1.
Using a Accucut dieline layout wording inviting guests to a shower.

Step 2. 

Print out on some Basis cardstock from CutCardStock (10% off during the month of May). Its nice and sturdy and comes in a variety of colors. I used the white 110#.

 Step 3.
Grab some tulle (super cheap and you don’t need a lot at all) and wrap some ribbon around it. Try to make the top a little smaller than the bottom so that you can really mimic a “bodice” or bridal silhouette. Adorn with rhinestones or other embellishments to “formalize” as you see fit.

To give your bride’s gown more volume, fold the tulle in half prior to wrapping with ribbon

Step 4.
For the grooms outfit, its really geometric. Using black basis card stock, trim some different size squares to do the trick. Then trim a small white triangle to define the jacket and you are all set.

There is a square for the jacket and four strips that will eventually be used for the pants and sleeves…

Step 5.
Add some embellishments to your bride and groom…

I added a rhinestone strip to the bottom, as well as a rhinestone to the dress. I also realized the suit looked a little gangly so I beefed up the pants and also added two tiny triangles to make a tie. I also added an eyelet, which I’ll explain in the next step.

Step 6.
Combine the two tags using an eyelet. After affixing the eyelet to the existing holes in the tag, the guest will be able to move/twist the cover to reveal the tag with the details.

Now you have a cute, unique bridal shower invite that recipients can interact with and talk about leading up to the event!

CutCardStock products used in this project:


Christy Toney
Design Team Member – Winter/Spring 2014 Term

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