Fun Addressing Ideas for A7 Envelopes


Envelopes are such a BIG part of my life as a calligrapher and stationer, oh where do I begin? I wanted to put together some options for perhaps the D.I.Y. bride who would like to tackle addressing and/or preparing her own invites since we are officially inside that season within a season… Invitation season.

The months of January to roughly April/May are the most popular months for calligraphy inquiries and invitation printing… After that, things start leaning towards “day of” elements like place cards and programs. This is an exciting time for brides all over the country since nothing says that you are officially about to walk down the aisle more than a physical announcement being mailed out to friends and family.

First, some random tips to keep in mind:

  • Even if you don’t have calligraphy talent, as long as what you write is NEAT, your envelope will be effective.
  • Do a little bit each day… If you end up having to address 150 envelopes, if you wait until the last minute, you will be overwhelmed, frustrated and upset. Aim for 10-15 a day.
  • Use a template and try to stay in the middle of the envelope… The Post Office utilizes the bottom 5/8″ of the envelope for the barcoding. You don’t want any wording or a design element marred with postal markings.
  • Metallic envelopes will typically dull your darker pen colors… The mica or shimmer coating creates a sort of layer that will not allow for a super dark marking… This is true with envelope printing too.

Layout Ideas

1. This is the more traditional addressing that you will see.


Centered layout, zip code to the right… 3-4 lines. This is the most traditional that you will come across. Also left justified layouts. (Epic Black A7 Envelopes)
2. Try to have your zip code stretched out across the bottom of the envelope.


The zip code added at the bottom of the address has become more and more popular over the years…
(Epic Black A7 Envelopes)
3. Try a slanted layout. They are so much fun!


I had a bride once who’s parents paid for everything and made ALL of the decisions for her wedding… She told me that this slanted layout on her envelopes was her only way to rebel!
(Brown Bag Kraft A7 Envelopes)
4. Make your guest’s name larger than their address.
The alternating text size are not only becoming popular for envelopes, but also invitation wording so this kind of envelope layout will be right on trend…
(Stardream Crystal Metallic A7 Envelopes)
5. Alternate between block writing and cursive.
One of my favorites… Alternating between script and normal text always adds a bit more interest to the layout…
(Stardream Crystal Metallic A7 Envelopes)

Here is a template that you can use for the darker envelopes. If you cut on the dotted line you will have a nice template that you can tape down on top of your envelope. I used Cryogen White (nice and sturdy, don’t use a text weight stock) to print and trim:



This one you can trim at the crop marks and slip inside of white or ivory envelopes:

Thanks for reading!
Christy Toney
Design Team Member – Winter/Spring 2014 Term

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