Patriotic Yarn Wreath Tutorial

I’m here today to give a tutorial on an awesome wreath that will jazz up any get together you will have for the 4th of July!  Yes, it’s only June… but hey!  We gotta get crafting on our decorations to make this 4th the best ever!
Here is what you will need:
Cardboard (I’m using some from a diaper box.  Yes I’m super fancy)
Bowl (the size that you want your wreath)
Craft Knife
Yarn (Red, White, and Blue)
Thick Yarn (wheat/beige color)
Jute or Twine
Paper Piercer
Large Needle 
Strong Adhesive
Pennant Punch or Die (or you can hand cut if you do not have this)
Roughly cut a circle larger then you want your wreath to be.  Then take your bowl, face down, and trace.  If you do have a fancy cutter, which we all know I do not, that can cut through card board, then feel free to use that.  And know that my hand does not like your fancy thick material cutter thingie.  
If you can not find a bowl that is the exact size that you want, that’s okay.  You can sketch the circle by using the smaller circle that you traced as a guide.  I had bowls that were either too big or too small.  But this was a great way to get a circle with out all the wibbly wobbly lines and humps that tend to show up magically when I free hand a circle!  Once you have your circle sketched out, go ahead and use your scissors and cut.
Now take the under side of the bowl and place it in the center of your circle.  Trace around the bottom of the bowl as your inner circle.  You might make a few mistakes on placement, and that’s okay.  Lift up your bowl and try again. 
 Use the craft knife to create an X in the center of the inner circle.  The X makes it easier to cut out the inner circle.
Cut each part of the X as you go around.  Almost as if you are cutting up a pie!  mmmmm pie.
 This is what your wreath base should look like.  A big ole donut!  mmmmm donuts….
 Take the first color you want to work with and tie a basic knot around the wreath.  Nothing fancy.
 Start to wrap.  It would be a good idea to make sure that your ball or skein of yarn can fit through the inner hole of your wreath.  If not, you might be in some trouble.
 The wrapping is not going to be perfect.  Fill in the spaces with the other colors.
 Keep going around and around.  This is the most time consumming thing ever… but it looks so awesome!  The more times you go around and the more yarn you use, the ticker and more full your wreath will be.  The more thick and fuller the wreath is, the stronger and longer it will last!  See… there is a method behind my madness!!!
 Once you have your main colors wrapped, take your jute and losely wrap it around the wreath.  This is to give the wreath texture and to create a fun rustic look.  Then take your thick yarn and wrap it around the wreath once.  Tie both fibers in a basic knot.  Then I tied the thick yarn into a bow.  Cut the ends at a desired length.  I liked my thick yarn to be short and the jute to be longer.
 To create your pennants, use a punch or a die.  If you do not have either, just cut out triangles.  Cut/punch two of each color with a total of four.  That’s 2 white, 2 red, 2 blue, and 2 kraft.
 With a paper piercer, pierce two holes on each pennant.  Depending on how large your pendants are, make sure there is enough space b/t the edges as well as between each other. 
 With the large needle and jute, string the pennants together going in a pattern.  Here I went re, white, blue, kraft.  You can also do all of one color, or just a mixture of all. 
 Using the thick yarn that is already wrapped as a guide to secure the banner, place the ending two pennants on each end through the yarn.  Using hot glue or another strong adhesive, glue down.
Hang your Patriotic wreath on the door and soak in the compliments!!
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