Creating Hybrid Paper with Lizzie

Greetings everyone!  If you are anything like me, you might have a slight obsession with those lovely lightly printed velum papers.  If you haven’t seen them, get out from that rock and take a gander online!  If you can’t get access to them… NEVER YOU FEAR!  Lizzie is here!  It’s actually super easy and you don’t need the super fancy Photoshop to complete it!
First, get your crafty hands on the Translucent Paper in Pearl Iridescent.  Next make sure your printer has ink.  (I am using an ink jet printer, so if you have a laser, give it a try and leave me comments on your findings!).
Opening up Microsoft Word (if you are fancy apple user, I’m sorry.  I’m not that cool yet.)
First find a pattern that you want to print out.  I am using a free overlay I found that is for digital or hybrid scrapbooking.  You can find it here.  Open up the overlay file (it might appear solid white).  Size the photo of the pattern to fit most in not all of the page.
Next, click on the Picture Tools and head over to Corrections.  This is how we control the level of color we want.  But you want to stay as close to grey as possible.  It give the paper a very whimsical look with the pattern barely showing up.    Play around with this part to find the right setting that you will enjoy to work with.

 It’s time to PRINT this baby out!  Since the Translucent Paper is pretty glossy, make sure you set your printer settings to reflect this.  With my printer I just chose glossy greeting card paper.  Your printer might actually have a velum setting.  Use your best judgement here.  If you don’t set your printer to reflect the type of paper you are using, you could end up with a big smudgy mess.

 Viola!  You now have gorgeous paper to work with!  You my friend are now a Hybrid Crafter!  You can use this paper on anything you wish!  me?  I chose to create a set of ‘Thinking of You’ cards using a stamp set from There She Goes Clear Stamps.  And b/c of the Pearl Iridescent paper, it goes PERFECTLY with the Curious Metallic Cardstock

 And please don’t forget!  All of our Curious Metallics are on sale!  10% off during the month of March!!  No coupon needed folks!  So head on over and stock up your carts!!
And did you know that has digital elements?  You can combine them with this project to create some totally gorgeous hybrid papers!!

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