Valentines Day Digital Card Freebies

I have been working on 5×7 Digital Cards that are super easy to drag and drop your picture of choice in. These template images are so easy to use and pairing them up with our huge selection of envelopes is a great way to reach out to family and friends.

You Are So Tweet Download Link

Happy Valentines Day Card

Jet’aime Card Download Link

Now I have made these cards super easy for you to add your pictures to & print at home or send out to be printed at Costco or Kinkos.

The first card “Happy Valentines Day” has a built in Vingette to enhance any picture you add to it.

The cards are all ready built at a 5×7 in size so it will be easy to print.

Follow the steps below.

Steps once you have downloaded the Card and unzipped it:
1.) Open up Photo Shop (or any program that will allow you to use png files and layers)
2.) Find the card folder and open it up in photoshop.
3.) Find you picture and crop it to a square.
4.) Drag your picture to the card.
5.) Look in you layers palette (on the right side of the program)…..make sure that your picture is visibly under the card. If not. Than in your layers palette…right click the picture and drag it under the card.
6.) Drag your picture so it fills the frame.
7.) Go to your layers tab than click on “Merge Visible”
8.) Now up in the files tab click on “New” than “Blank File”. Create an 8.5 x 11 horizontal transparent image.
9.) Drag your card twice onto this layer and Print..super easy

Below is what it will look like once printed at home on an 8.5 x 11 photo sheet.

Now what I have done is matched up envelopes from the shop for these templates.

I really like the Basis Magenta, Stardream Mars or the Stardream Azalea envelopes with this digital card.

I really liked the Greengrocers Egg Plant as well as the Stardream Kunzite envelope with the “You Are So Sweet” digital card.

and for the “Jet’aime” digital card… I really like the Stardream Onyx & Silver envelopes.

Now make sure you head over now because these will only be free till February 21st

Also keep in mind that the free download is only good for personal use. If you are wanting to use these for your buisness please make sure to purchase a commercial liscense and please do read the TOU as you are not allowed to resell the digital images as a download for re-use but rather and only as printed card.

Swing by and check out the variety of other digital elements we offer.

If you have any questions always feel free to email me at :

Have a Blessed and Creative Day !

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