Curious CRYOGEN WHITE & Copic Markers

Just received a very helpful email from Karen Wallace, one of’s customers.
Karen Wrote:

“I use your cryogen white paper with my copics to color and memento black ink to stamp on it, if you would like to take a look at my blog, anything stamped in black and colored is using the cryogen paper, best thing on the market for copics!!!! They blend easier on that paper and the memento ink does NOT run with them, no heat setting no nothing. I’ve taken several classes with the copics and they don’t use the cryogen white and it’s always such a struggle to make them blend and work. I think the only stamp I didn’t use the cryogen white on was Flourishes big Santa stamp and I used the smooth beige paper for him.”

Checkout Karen’s Inspirations.

Karen also mentioned that the CRYOGEN WHITE 80# text paper also works great with the Copic Markers.

Many other customers have told us that the Curious Iridescent Papers and Copic Markers are a great combination. Other colors available with the same finish as the Cryogen white are:
Poison Ivory – is a natural color with a satiny sparkly/metallic finish
Virtual Pearl – is a Pearl color the that has reflective changes in the light
Morphing Mauve – is a gentle mauve color that has reflective changes in the light
Cyber Gray – is a soft satiny gray (non-sparkly, non-reflective)

We have tried to photograph the subtle shimmery cardstock and find that it is almost impossible to capture the luxury of this paper.

CHANGES COMING TO THE CURIOUS LINE: The colors listed above are from the Curious Iridescent line, but are currently being renamed and joining the Curious Metallic line. The finish is softer than the Metallics, but the manufacturer is combining them all in the one line, so we, too, will be grouping the Curious Iridescent and the Curious Metallic into one grouping called CURIOUS METALLIC . This change is also resulting in the discontinuing of the following colors: Curious Metallic CAPPUCCINO (cover & text), Curious Iridescent PLASMA BLUE (cover & text), Curious Metallic ANODISED (cover & text, although text is still available from the manufacture, cutcardstock will not be carrying it), Curious Metallic BLUE STEEL (cover), Curious Metallic VENOM (cover), Curious Metallic Hades (cover), Curious Metallic BRONZE ORE (cover), and Curious Metallic PURPLE HAZE (text)

Be sure to stop by our OVERSTOCK/CLEARANCE to pick up these discounted discontinued items.

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  1. I love the Cryogen White envelopes, card stock and paper. The envelopes made the perfect finishing touch for the Christmas cards I mailed out this Christmas. Thanks for the wonderful service and great product description. Joni

  2. I loved reading her comments because I only use the Cryogen White when I color with Copics. I do stamp in black however, and I do emboss it with clear because I like how vivid the black is then and I love how easy it is to emboss on the Cryogen.

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