Ok grab your coffee put the kids down for a nap becuase I have a jam packed post for you guys.

I’ll start by saying I am super excited to announce we have another great contest for you guys. Super easy and FUN in Cut Card Stock style. Here are the Specs for it:
“The Color of Fall” Contest by CutCardstock.com
When: October 1st thru November 1st “2008”

This contest is super easy and FUN with 2 winners receiving a: $25 gift card to Cut Card Stock.com .
Timeline: October 1st – November 1st Ending Midnight CST
The Rules:
1.) Enjoy and enter by making a card, project or layout that best represents the seasonal change of Fall.
2.) Post and load it up to your favorite gallery
3.) Post and Link it back to our Blog so we can see it here at http://cutcardstock.blogspot.com/
4.) Email me your entry as well as any questions to Norma@cutcardstock.com

Just as a reminder – You are not required to use our card stock however we would luv to see what you can do with it since we may be looking for a DT in the future (wink wink).
Winner’s will be announced and notified the first week in November.
Good Luck and I look forward to seeing all of your amazing entries and remember that Cut Card Stock.com is the place where your Creativity and Affordability merge.
Thank you, Design Coordinator Norma Kennedy

I hope you guys will enjoy this contest and once again it is left up to your best interpretation. Cards, projects and or layouts are eligible entries. You are more than welcome to use other products but the highlight should be on card stock. We also ask that you submit no more than two entries. We are super excited to see how creative and what you come up with using card stock
This week I want to inspire you with one of my favorite new product lines.

Perfect Pockets by Basis Paper.

Oh the possibilities are just endless with these. In the store right now we have them available in DK Purple, Brown and Black and will be adding more colors so please don’t hesitate to encourage us with your favorite colors.

What I created was a Baby Announcement card. I cut out an opening to attach the word “Baby” in the center. Than added a picture of my Isabella with her birth weight specs and a poem. Now this concept is great for Wedding Invites with the couples picture, Baby Shower & Bridal Shower Invites where the pocket can hold all the places they are registered at. What is great is that they have matching envelopes for a real complete look. Right now these are on a 10% off sale in the store by entering PPF at checkout.

Another one of our cool products is our Petal Cards. I luv luv the options these cards give. One of the toughest jobs in planning any party weather its a Wedding, Shower or Birthday Party is what to do as a favor. Well wonder no more our Petal cards are perfect and they come in so many wonderful colors.

What I did was super easy. I just pinched the sides, added a bit of glue I picked up from Walmart , clipped the sides for about 3 minutes till it dried. Now I probably could have fancied these up a bit more with patterned paper before glueing but I choose to keep them simple. I did however make some patterned paper flowers. I cut 3 uneven circles out of 3 different patterns. Distressed the edges with my nail. I than layered the flowers and added a small rhinestone brad to them. Now they are ready to be filled with candy, chocolates, maybe a candle or any favor your wanting to give away. These are great for place setting favors or how about as a gift for the Holidays to teachers and relatives filled with your baked goods. These are also on sale for 10% off but remember to use the discount code PPF at checkout.

Now in true Norma style….that’s me hehehe I tend to want to jump ahead of seasons and be prepared. Every year I try to do something different as Christmas cards. With Isabella being a new addition to our family I was thinking about mailing out pictures of her milestones but than I got to thinking about how many I have taken. So I decided to use the Petal Cards. They are perfect to hold Cd’s in. So I’m thinking about placing a family picture in the center and than adding the Cd to it. Now the Petal Cards can be directly mailed with out an envelope which is wonderful. However if you use it to mail Cd’s in you must take them in and let the Post Office know so they don’t run them thru their machines. Here again I can imagine these as favors in a pretty basket at a Wedding with pictures on a Cd of the couple or the couples fave songs Cd.

OK moving on. Are you ready for a refill on your coffee yet? Now remember I warned you about this post but I hope your finding it informative. I luv feed back so please make sure and let me know what you think. If you have any ideas. I would luv to hear them ……. actually it makes my day when I see I have comments ! So go on and “Make My Day” :’ 0

Well now since you were willing to stay with me thru this long post I’m ready to reward you for your patience. I am giving away 2 downloadable 3.5 x 8.5 cards. Simply load them into Photoshop or Elements, all the elements are layered so you simply drag your pictures into them. I designed and created these in Photoshop so I know that they work great in Photoshop and Elements since I saved them as a PSD but not sure how they will work on any other program. Remember the measurements for these are 3.5 x 8.5 which will allow you to print 2 on a 8.5×11 photo paper sheet.

These are great all occasion cards to send to family members. Now the matching envelopes have been put on sale for you guys which are the Green Grocer Kraft and the Cougar White Envelopes. The prices on these envelopes are ouststanding $13.75 for 50 of the Kraft ones and $10.25 for 50 of the White ones.

Downloadable link for “Life is Whatever You Imagine” :

Downloadable link for “Moments like this”:


Please Enjoy and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask ! All I ask is that you do not give the direct link away. You may however link this Blog or my personal one.

Well …… I think this is just about all. I am so looking forward to seeing the Amazing entries for the “Colors of Fall” contest and remember I enjoy any and all feedback ! Have a wonderful Blessed Day,

Norma Kennedy

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Owner and founder of CutCardStock.com