Happy Week Before Christmas everyone! It’s Linda McClain again with a really simple but elegant project for you. 
We have a crazy number of traditions in our household. One is giving each other silly names. Who knows why (there’s never any reason to our madness), but my daughter, Caitlin (a.k.a. “Kitty Kate” and “Baby Girl”), nicknamed her dad “Peepster” years ago.  
Another tradition is my husband’s annual batch of caramel popcorn. After making it for Christmas for 30 years he’s perfected it to a delicious, mouth-watering, highly sought after delicacy. 
This year we dressed up his gourmet popcorn with beautiful jars from Williams-Sonoma and a custom tag. 
Caitlin scanned her fun calligraphy to digitize it and tweak it in Adobe Illustrator. We knew this woodgrain embossed paper would be the perfect gourmet touch (Nature Gmund Savana Paper), but we didn’t know how well her design would print onto the paper.
Did you know Cutcardstock.com provides the printer compatibility for each paper it sells? And, just as advertised, Caitlin’s tag design printed perfectly from our laser printer onto the embossed paper.
The rest was easy. We just cut out her tag with a circle die cut, added a gold eyelet, and tied the tag on with baker’s twine. The biggest challenge was just refraining from eating all the popcorn before we could get it into the jars. (Oh, it’s so yummy when it’s still warm, right out of the oven.)
We have a little gift for all of you who like to give delicious home baked gifts during the holidays. Just click here for a free download of a .jpg file to create your own gift tags. With the file you can print 10 tags. 
The file is also available as a .pdf file here
And, from the McClain home to yours . . . Happy Holidays!  Linda McClain

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